Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture Ledge

I LOVE these pictures I just finished. They turned out great and the best part is that I got all the canvases on sale...a project total of $10!!!
Again...I found pictures I like online and then I got to drawing. After I painted the picture I made a glaze with some paint. You just add water to your paint until it is really runny. You then dab your loaded paintbrush on a paper towel to get most of the paint off and then apply the paint in criss cross strokes. I then get a paper towel and wipe most of it off. It gives it a nice washed out look. I then distressed the edges. Here is where it gets technical folks....you dab your finger in paint, wipe off excess and then brush along edges randomly. Yep...real difficult;)
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  1. I love these too!Just wanted to let you know since I see no one commented on this post! all the best, Sara