Thursday, April 15, 2010

Split Pea Wreath

I finally put a wreath up on the front door. I have officially moved in!
I saw on one of the million craft blogs that I look at everyday, that someone had made those awesome decorative balls with split peas. Love the idea. So I thought I could do it with a wreath.
Got me a Styrofoam wreath from Michael's with my 45% off coupon (oh yeah!!)

2 bags of split peas from Walmart $0.79 a bag!
And I only used about 1 ish.

Made a mess with glue and peas. I think I will be finding these around the house for weeks. I found one stuck to my arm this morning when I woke up. Yeah..we slept together;)
When I got all the peas on I gave it a spray with some gloss finishing spray stuff. How is that for vague. I was trying to really set the peas.

Gave it a flower and hung with ribbon. I am in love.

Oh and don't be jealous of my lovely taupe flat front door! We do live in military housing after all. I just may give this door a face lift sometime soon....


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  1. So cute I love it!!! I may have to copy this! :)

  2. Hi Nichole! LOVE this idea, AND your lampshade even MORE!!! I've been thinking about ideas for MAYBE matching lamps on my vanity, and a pair like the one you just made would be gorgeous! Thanks for all the inspiration today!.. And nice to meet you! ~tina

  3. It turned out super cute! You did a great job! and at least you didn't go out in public and realize you had a pea stuck to your face or something! LOL!

  4. Split Peas!!! No way! That is darling! It would be the Perfect wreath for St. Patty's Day and Christmas and spring and...... Just change out the accent. Love it! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I featured this at

  6. HI THERE; i like your idea, do the birds?

  7. Love it...really such a great color.

  8. This is so cute! I found you through Someday Crafts. What a great use of split peas-I mean normally I just make soup with them...

  9. I'm visiting from Someday Crafts ~ what an adorable wreath!! I would have never thought to use peas! Check out my blog sometime...

  10. I'm also visiting from Someday Crafts- this is so cute! I might have to make one for my mom for Mother's Day. :)

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  11. Cute!!! I want to make this wreath. What kind of glue did you use? I'm excited to get started. I already have my peas and styrofoam wreath from Dollar Tree.

  12. Hi Kim! I just used plain old Elmer's Glue!