Monday, August 16, 2010

Check out my bed!

First off, let me just excuse the quality of pictures. They are from my phone. My camera isn't charging for some reason...grrrr!! is my bed! Yay!!! I looooooove it! It looks like a hotel bed to me, and I don't know about you, but I LOVE hotel beds. They always look so comfy and inviting. But we must always remember to NEVER lay on a hotel bedspread k? Ok.

First off, my comforter isn't new. I just added some pizazz via pillows and a blanket! So look at these lovelies...they are called European pillows. My mom's friend had some and that is what got us on the kick. These were found at Anna's Linens, however, IKEA has them for cheaper and better quality. The shams that they had for them are just plain and boring so I spruced them up a bit with a tip I saw here.

Much better.

And feast your eyes on this....take your time....isn't it yummy??? I saw it while at IKEA and fell in love. It is so pretty and bouncy. Just the thing I needed to give my bed some ruffle.

Love it!!!


  1. Love the colors. Enjoy your new space :)

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. That is a very inviting bed!!! You did such a great job on it! I LOVE how you added the texture to the pillow shams!!! Great job! I LOVE it. (and thanks for bringing the blog back to life) :)

  3. Your home looks like a model home. I would my bed to look like a hotel bed, but everyone lays on it, no matter what I say! I love that blanket and the pillow cases are way too cute! I bet everyone is happy that the blog is back on!

  4. Man I love this! I need someone to come to my house and help me decorate. Love it!