Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joining Forces!!

Thanks to my sweet sister in law Kathy..she is letting me join her here on her craft blog! I am excited!
So...a couple things I have done the past couple days...
It was my son's teacher's birthday so I decided to make her this wall hanging/plaque. I saw another version on Brown Paper Packages. They did a Family Values plaque. I might get to that someday. If you want to see their version go here.

I used a wood plaque, spray painted it black. I then distressed the edges with sandpaper. Then chose a paper palette. His teacher's favorite color is black so we chose black. I chose my wording, my fonts and sizes of papers and got to work. I inked the edges before gluing them down and then mod podged the whole thing. We drilled two holes in it so I could attach some tulle for hanging it up.

This morning right before I wrapped it up I noticed I put the word "understanding" twice! Nice! I had to do a quick fix before he took it to school today. I just added the word "example" on top of it.
My newest obsession is fabric flowers. I love them for embellishments for shirts, dresses, purses, even shoes. It is a simple flower...just a strip about 1 " wide and as long as you want. The longer the strip, the bigger the flower. You just do a running stitch and then gather it to form the flower. Then stitch to secure it through the middle. Add your center...a button or a bead. I sewed a small piece of felt on the back to give it a finished look then attached a bar pin so we can switch it out on different things. The edges are supposed to be frayed. I am still searching for more flower tutorials so stay tuned....

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  1. Great job Nicole!!! I love your plaque! I'm sure Dylan's teacher is going to LOVE it!! Also, I love the flowers---too cute! I can just see you adding them to some flip-flops to be super-cute as always! :)