Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Paper Wreath

I know , I know...just what the crafting cyberworld needs...another paper wreath. However, after being inspired by my sis to make one...see her post here
I had to have one! I did it a little different so I wouldn't be too much of a copy cat!
Here is what I did...
I went to Dollar Tree and got a foam wreath, and a Thesaurus.
I then tore out a few pages at a time and then cut those in half. I then folded each half into fourths to make a square. Then I cut the unfolded edges to make it look like a heart. I unfolded the heart square (?) and then formed it to look like a flower by placing my thumb in the middle and pushing the paper up around my thumb. Then I used my glue gun and glued it to the wreath. Repeat until you reach the desired fullness. I used about 120 pages.

After it was all done I got some green paint and diluted with a little water and then brushed over the edges. You could use distressing ink BEFORE you glue them on which would probably be a little easier.

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  1. Wow Nicole, it turned out great! You are so crafty.

  2. So cute! I love how it is hanging in a picture frame!!!

  3. I like it! What if you painted the book edges before you cut them? Maybe not. I had to add a ribbon to mine, it was too blah! I really like yours!!!