Sunday, April 18, 2010


I went to D.I. today on a wim to just look around. I was mainly looking for glass jars for my kitchen and Cricut machine. WHEN, I came upon this beautiful desk. Isn't she pretty? My son has always wanted an desk and you just can't find good quality without spending a pretty penny. This fine find is HEAVY and the drawers word great. So I took it home for the price of $20.00 and spent another $17.00 to fix it up. I was told by the lovely men at the local Home Depot, that when you sand, you should use the 'medium' grain sand paper. So, I sanded and sanded. I also used wood putty to fill in any cracks and holes. It use to look like this (look below) and now................

It looks like THIS! (Look below). I wanted to make sure that I still used the same hardware since I like it and really didn't want to spend another $20.00 on it. So I just spray painted the hardware black. I think it turned out great and I have a 10 year old who will write many stories on this desk!!

Part 2...this is kinda gross...BUT... a good thing. I bought this 6 inch saucer at the locals Roberts.

I spray painted it black to put a ever so disgusting piece of my bathroom in guessed it....THE PLUNGER! With the new toilets being so water savvy, (and young kids in the home) help to attribute to many a clogged toilet! (Hello, 4 squares only please!). Anyways, can't bear to think of this on my pretty tile, so I put it in the saucer. Fits perfectly and the gross germs aren't on my floor.

Its a good thing!


  1. The desk looks awesome! Great job and great deal! Good idea about teh plunger...and thanks for posting something!

  2. Great job Kristen! I love the Desk. It turned out so great. I'm sure Ethan LOVES it!!

  3. I love doing this with old furniture! I just redid a sewing cabinet that I picked up for $10. Here's the link if you're interested!