Monday, April 19, 2010

Gathered Fabric Flower Tutorial

Welcome to my first tutorial! I am a bit embarrased that it is something so simple, but a few people asked how I did the flowers for the lamp shade so I am happy to show you!
There are a ton of tutorials out there for different types of flowers but I don't remember seeing one on this one..could be wrong though!

First let me just point something out....THAT IS ME...USING A SEWING MACHINE!! Seriously my mom thought she would never see the day!
Anyway...You start out by cutting strips of fabric. The width on mine were 2 inches and the length 22 inches. You can do them longer, wider, shorter and skinnier. It just depends on the size of flower you want.
Then all you do is a running stitch on your machine. I used the largest stitch my machine would do...makes it easier to gather.
You then pull the top string and gather the fabric as you go.

Gather, gather, gather until you have a circle.

Then you hand stitch the two ends together and there ya go!! So easy!

You can do these flowers without a machine. In fact I hand sewed all the flowers on the lamp shade.


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  1. Cute!!! I think I need to make a few of these to add to my flip-flops! I found some cute sequin flowers at Hobby Lobby and they are perfect for my flip flops---they were just more than I really wanted to spend. Now, I can just make my own flowers and make them in coordinating colors for my shirts. (Would be fun to use on headbands or clips too!)