Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nature Knock Offs!

Ok, so it should be obvious by now...I am on a wall art kick. I have recieved inspiration from prints I see online and then I just draw them myself and then paint. I am by no stretch of the imagination an artist. In fact before the paint is put on, the drawings look a little scary. Painting them magically transforms them into something wonderful! So my suggestion is that when you are looking for new wall art, look online for ideas first and then try it yourself. It will save you a ton of money! All you need is a canvas, a pencil and paint! Oh and an eraser...used that a lot!
These large pictures are made from prints I saw online at Target. Wasn't going to spend $80 though! The little leaf pictures I actually bought a while ago, but it is actually something you could do quite easily. I had framed and matted pictures I wasn't liking anymore so I SPRAY PAINTED the frames white, distressed them a bit and then stuck my new print in them.

These I saw online and loved but again, didn't want to buy. They are just on a cardboard canvas. Not sure how I want to eventually hang them, but for now they are up like this. Gotta love my paint swatch to the side. Gotta fix that!
My taste in decor changes a lot. So now if I want to change something I won't feel guilty because I didn't spend a lot of money!
Give your drawing skills a try!

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  1. I LOVE it! Those are really fantastic!

  2. I need something on my walls, thanks so much for the idea!!!