Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lamp Shade Makeover

Unfortunately there are times when a can of spray paint just won't do the job. Although I really did consider just spray painting my lampshades. Even Googled it and it actually is doable...just didn't seem like a good idea. So I bought some fabric and recovered the lampshades in my bedroom.

So, of course I forgot to take a before pic. This is what they looked like taupe. Plain old pleated lampshade.

You need to measure the width of your shade at the top and the bottom. Then measure the length. Use these measurements to create a half circle.

I first secured the fabric with clothespins to smooth and make sure it fit.

I worked from the bottom up. It was just easier. Cut away excess fabric so that the fabric lines up with the bottom of the shade without any overlay. Then just use your glue gun and glue around the edge. Smooth and pull the fabric as you go to ensure a smooth surface. Repeat for the top.

Then make a bias tape to finish it off.

Glue it in place. I only glued around the edges. I did not put any glue on the shade itself so it would be really smooth.

And you are done. Lampshade makeover for less than ten bucks! You can't even buy one shade for that!

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  1. Love it! makes me wish I had an old lamp shade to play with!

  2. I am planning on decorate an old lamp shade that I have in my garage for years and use it in my nursery. Thanks for sharing that. I love your crafts. I am a new follower and I will be coming back every week to check your crafts!!!

  3. Fabulous transforamtion. I love the fabric you used. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~Stephanie Lynn