Thursday, May 27, 2010

So "fortunate"

I saw this great idea for a "thank you" gift but I can't remember where. It was probably here in blogland somewhere. So if I completely ripped off your idea, I'm so sorry. Please let me know so I can give you your deserved credit.

Anyways, you dip fortunate cookies in chocolate (and sprinkles, if desired) and put in a cute take-out box. It was so cute that I knew I had to do this for my daughters preschool teachers. We wrote them a fun little note about being "fortunate" to have them as teachers this year and I think they turned out pretty cute. It was a fun way to let my daughter be involved in giving a gift to the teachers she loves so much! (especially you, Aunt Kristen!)

Here are the fortune cookies I used. They were the ones I could find at a local groccery store (Harmons) They were individually wrapped, so it took a few extra minutes to unwrap but hopefully kept them extra fresh.

Here is my cute take-out box. Hobby Lobby had a lot of fun designs and we settled on this one. We found some cute matching paper for our notes.

Then we simply filled with our dipped and sprinkled fortune cookies.

It was a fun little project and hopefully a very cute way to show our love and appreciation to the teachers who had worked so hard all year and given so much love to my daughter.


  1. as I was the "fortunate" one to receive these, they were SOOO YUMMY! Thank you again for them. It has been so fun to be with Lala all year. Hopefully it is something she will always remember. I will miss the intuitive car rides!!

  2. What a great idea. It turned out really cute. 8)