Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Different take on a "flower" shirt

So it was my mom's birthday, and I wanted to make her a shirt. We have really been into those circle flowers, and I wanted to do something different. So, I went to Joann's and found some fabric that had flowers. I cut out the ones I wanted, used some 'Steam a Seam 2'...(wonderful stuff, but expensive) to adhere the fabric to the shirt. I used coordinating fabrics and a bit of netting and a couple of buttons. I then hand stitched around every flower. You can use your machine, but I wasn't feeling comfortable about it since I have lead foot! Anyways, my mom loved it and I am glad it is done!!

Corner of shirt

Top corner of shirt
I told my mom if she didn't like it to just wear it around me once since it took 5 hours to hand sew. Hopefully, she will wear it more than that! Happy Birthday Mom!!
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  1. It turned out really good! Great idea!

  2. Very pretty! I haven't heard of Steam a Seam - is that like Wonder Under? Where do they get the names for these things??? ;) It turned out great - love the pink!

  3. Great Idea. I have some butterfly fabric I am going to try this with. I will post pics on www.thespunkydiva.blogspot.com . But it could be a little while. I have to say that what has helped my lead pedal foot is my Babylock Sofia that has a start stop button with a slide control for the speed. I can actually sew with my sewing machine now!

  4. It is gorgeous! You did such a great job! Way to go, Kristen!!!

  5. Very pretty! Thank you for visiting my link party!